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Call her by her name or just say "HEY NUMBA..." or shoutout a fellow QUAD when you see her! **PLEASE NOTE : While we are doing our best to meet the demand HEY NUMBA can be on back order. Depending on the number you are ordering your pin may take up to an additional 4-6 weeks to ship. HEY NUMBA is one of Pin Me 1913's best sellers. At times high demand numbers may be out of stock for immediate shipment. Though we are constantly replenishing inventory, at times, there may be a delay. Please keep this in mind when ordering your HEY NUMBA pin. Every order will be fufilled however additional time may be added to the shipping timeline detailed on the FYI page. If you have questions please send us an email:


For fully custom pins in this style please order here:


  • All sales are final however you can make your purchase with confidence.  If there is an issue with your order please contact us so that we can do our part to rectify the situation.

  • All #PinMe1913 pins are made from a high quality metal alloy which means durabilty and rust free longevity.  Designed with love and crafted in eco-friendly facilities your #PinMe1913 pins can be worn as soon as you receive them.  Place your pins on your sweaters, blazers, jean jackets, hats, bags, or anywhere you'd like. 

    Treat yourself to every collection and represent with pride!


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