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The beautifully crafted CUSTOM PIN SUITE • TWO (AFFIRM/TRADITION) is a PinMe 1913 take on a classic.  This suite includes two personalized, magnetic back pins in either a crimson or gold finish. Like CUSTOM PIN SUITE  •  ONE, TWO provides a delightful unboxing experience…


The complete suite includes 2 pin styles (one with violets and one without) in your choice of finish.  Customize the four lines available for text as you wish. 


No matter which SUITE SELECTION you choose to wear - you’ll be going out in style. CUSTOM PIN SUITE • TWO (AFFIRM/TRADITION) is designed and EXCLUSIVELY made available for purchase by PinMe1913.




This suite is the perfect gift for a Delta who is reaching a milestone or for a new initiate being welcomed into the sisterhood.


Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery of custom orders.


SKU: 108991255052


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